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Defence Telecommunication Export Houses
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The Defense industry has witnessed tremendous structural and economic change during the past two decades. Advancement in technology and competition from lower cost geographies have forced an increased focus on innovation and cost competitiveness. The Defense sector has witnessed competition from low cost regions for volume purchases thereby reducing the overall dominance of western defense conglomerates. In addition, the sector has had to deal with consolidation and security/regulatory issues.

Createch helps defense clients increase productivity, reduce costs and compete more effectively in the changed environment. Our associates are positioned to effectively service your needs in Product Design & Development, Embedded Systems, Product Life Cycle Management and IT Solutions



Createch is a leading software development company for Internet-based information services for wireless devices such as mobile phones and Internet enabled PDA's’ and Java enabled mobile Phones.

Retail and Distribution

Since the business is too competitive, retail industry understand that it is not enough to increase the number of customers; customer must also get more value out of his/her purchase.
To serve today's consumers, retailers need to create meaningful experiences with everything from good store displays to create web site architecture and better customer service.

Createch has enough experience for the development of customized technology driven solutions from the retail industry. We have implemented a number of projects for medium and large scale retail companies in India. The solutions range from the development of Web applications (transaction based, e-commerce sites) to Client server based Application.


Export House

The tremendous increase in the expansion of global trade has lead to the rising competition among different geographies. Meeting with ever increasing market demand for consumer products is the challenge any export houses have to face. Managing inventories of large quantity is one of the most painstaking tasks as customer increasingly expect for higher quality.

Createch has its well proven expertise on ERP solutions as we have been involved in many such projects which were successfully implemented in large government and commercial organizations, which proved effective in reducing cost, increase in quality and profitability.

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There are number of NGO's around the world working on various issues such as HIV AIDS, drought, floods, earthquakes etc. Since such calamities affects the world of work -the challenge before NGO's is to increase efficiency allowing them to make the best use of grants/funds and use effective communication media to create awareness at both a local and a global level.

Createch has been working with no. of such organizations and has provided solutions to which is to be used to manage & communicate effectively

Services Offered:

Application Development Web applications Print materials Brochure designingContent writing

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Technological advancement in the medical & hospital sector in India has given tremendous opportunity to transform itself as major hub for medical enabled service. Apart from being able to become one of the most favorite medical destinations, it faces issues such as lack of life-saving drug and equipments management in hospital and medical depots. Competition from other participating nation forced an increased focus on quality service and cost competitiveness. Helping hospitals industry increase quality of service, reduce costs and compete more effectively in the changing environment. Createch is working extensively with medical services and has developed application software for inventory management to cater day to day process of medical stores depot.


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