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Document & Workflow Management System

A document & workflow management system (DWMS) provides the technology and methods needed to capture, manage, share, and secure information within an organization. DWMS includes DAK, electronic documents, images, email messages, and other computer files, as well as scanned paper documents. Virtually any Windows-based file format, electronic file, or converted paper document can be managed within the document & workflow management system. Transform how you manage critical information in your organization... from basic operations such as search and retrieval, to the most complex functions like regulatory document control using the Document Locator document management system.

Benefits of a document management system.
  • Efficiency and productivity in business processes.
  • Compliance with regulatory, legal, and quality requirements.
  • Consistency and repeatability of business operations.
  • Faster process cycle times.
  • Elimination of paper-based costs, storage fees, and shipping.
  • Improved business continuity planning.

Elements of an electronic document management system (EDMS).
The many features and functions of a document management system are designed to support these general categories of information management:

Scanner Features:
• Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface produces speedy data transfers and higher scanning speeds
• Even thick originals can be accommodated on the platen glass with the Advanced Z-lid
• High-luminance white LED lamp eliminates warm-up time for a convenient Quick Start
• 7 one-touch EZ buttons put frequently-used functions at your fingertips, with 4 buttons dedicated to Multi-Page filing
• PDFCoversion from Image to text