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eStore (Inventory Management Software)

eStore is an inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements stores of Government organizations, such as computer stores, cell phones stores, bookstore, antique store etc. It is easy to create issue & receive vouchers, tendering, compare vendor quotes, generate supply order, do inventory control, stock balance management, goods management, goods category management, backup and restore stock by eStore's user friendly interface and functionalities. And eStore supports full customizable organization info, logo, signatories, auto voucher numbering etc.

Inventory Management Software main features

  • Tendering Process (in case of Govt setup)
  • Order Process and auto Order Creator
  • Store Receiving, Storing and Returning.
  • Store Issue to Users/Workshop, and Returning - can view history invoice, print or export the history invoice.
  • Barcode Formats and Barcode Scanners support - eStore supports all kinds of barcode formats (i.e code 39, code 93, code 128 etc). And all kinds of barcode scanners are compatible with our program. Please note, only a simple barcode scanner is required, no need too much high-performance barcode scanner (optional).
  • Inventory management - easy to update stock item name, unit price, quantity and category info with eStore, and allow to check stock balance for each item.
  • Export to Excel CSV file - export all reports to MS Excel, Words, HTML, PDF file.
  • Stock backup & restore - backup and restore stock database with inventory management software
  • Dynamin Query / Search.