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Medicine Warehouse Manager

The Medicine Warehouse Manager will cover inventory and account of large/small medicine stores. MWM is an inventory software that designed to meet the requirements of large and small stores in private health concerns as well as government organizations, these includes medicines stores, medical equipment stores, medical bookstore etc.

With MWM, it is easy to do volume purchasing of drugs, test equipment, dental equipments and gas cylinders. You can easily issue medicine to users(hospitals, dispensaries and chemist shops) and create issue & receive vouchers. MWM automates the process of tendering, comparing vendor quotes, generate puchase orders(supply order), do inventory control, stock balance management, critical stock management, medical goods category management, backup and restore stock by its user friendly interface and functionalities. And MWM supports full customizable organization info, logo, signatories, auto voucher numbering and stock reports etc.

Features of Medicine Warehouse Manager.

  • Local purchase of medicine including Drugs, Test equipment, Dental equipment and gas cylinder etc.
  • Maintain Receipt procedure.
  • Stores accounting.
  • Indent Tracking.
  • Maintain User/Unit Wise MMF.
  • Issue the store to dependent user units.
  • Control Traffic section.
  • Maintain Dues Out /Dues In of Items.
  • Critical Item Analysis.
  • Stock Verification.
  • Bin Card.
  • Expired medicine alerts (Stock).
  • Alerts (Low Stock)
  • Budget Monitoring & much more...