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Patient Care Management

Healthcare organizations require comprehensive information management to ensure that vital patient information is always available to caregivers at point-of-care. A well-designed patient care system can streamline workflow, reduce the risk of medical errors and improve the patient care experience for caregivers and patients alike.

With Createch’s patient care framework, healthcare providers are quickly streamlining patient care processes to realize greater control, increased productivity and improved accuracy within their departments, throughout their facilities and across the enterprise.

Features of PCM Software in brief.
The PCM establishes and generates the clinical tools needed to manage the delivery of patient care. It enables a care provider to:
  • Initiate a patient standard of care for delivery of protocol or location specific patient care.
  • Generate a suggestion list of problems from assessments. This list can be included on a patient's plan of care.
  • Create a patient assignment and identification lists. A care provider assignment list displays a particular care provider's patients.
  • Establish a plan of care for an individual patient. This can be a care plan or a critical path for the generation of work-lists and assessments.

To help the transition of automating patient care planning and on-line documentation, standard care plans are incorporated. Customized care plans can also be developed for the framework.