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University/Institute Management Software

Istitute Management Software is a comprehensive integrated process automation and management system software for education institute. Facilitate automation of all key processes of an institute and forms the backbone of a comprehensive MIS. Address the information and data processing needs of all sections of an institute like academics and administrative. Enables timely and creative analysis of data and information to facilitate effective decision-making. Modular software structure helps user to understand the software very fast encompasses fast implementation. Use of latest technology like Bulk SMS, Bulk Mail, Smart Card, Biometric Machine and Bar code that gives fast and secure communication.

Benefits of University/Institute Management Software.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Encompasses all areas of education institute management, through its 14 modules.
  • Flexible: Pick and choose modules as per needs. Customization to address the specific needs of institute.
  • MIS Support: Through its reporting tools provides an inbuilt dynamic query system that facilities timely and astute decision-making.
  • Scalability: Flexible design to accommodate changing needs and addition of new features/modules. Thus ensuring easy scalability.
  • Security: Offers high level of operational security by giving user level, module level and Input form level.
  • Service Support: Free availability of enhancement of statutory reports, Local Support Infrastructure and very low Implementation time.

Institute automation software as a solution, is categorized in to 3 different sections – viz. Academic, Administrative and Value Enhancers. The different modules in each section of the comprehensive Institute Automation Software are as follows:

Administrative Section
  • Fees Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Material Management
  • Transport Management
  • Assets Management
  • User Management

Academics Section
  • Attendance Management (scholar & Staff)
  • Result Processing
  • Teachers Diary & Lesson Plan
  • Time Table Management
  • Training & Placement
  • Library Management

Value Enhancers
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Mail
  • Personnel Management
  • Cheque Print, Label Print, Bar Code Print
  • Reminders from various Modules
  • Time machine attendance