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Transport Management System

A transport management system or VehicleTrack provides technology & methods needed to capture, manage, track, share & secure information within an organization. VehicleTrack is an all inclusive system to streamline your business processes and optimize your transport resources.

The software is equipped with a sophisticated rate engine that uses an advance rate logic combined with artificial intelligence to optimize the automatic calculation of rental charges based on tariffs and rates and maximizes the usage of each vehicle by continuously tracking its utilization.

The vehicle management reporting tools allow for optimal fleet planning and calculating the running for each vehicle type. Provides all the required administrational and financial functions for complete and effective branch management including a sophisticated variance system, defined by exception, and equipped with an extensive variety of trigger alerts; allowing you to base your decisions on your own exceptions and priorities.

Features transport management system.
  • Online display of operational and projected vehicle utilization.
  • Online display of fleet status.
  • Online display of available (ready) vehicles for rapid response to demands.
  • Pro-active approach to all items requiring action such as overdue vehicles, pre-closed agreements, authorizations, etc.
  • Web-enabled technology reduces hardware and communications costs.

VehicleTrack Software Benefits:
  • Fast response to demands.
  • Quick vehicle check out that cuts down the response time and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Role-based security with inheritance.
  • Easy-to-use online reporting capabilities.